Chicken Shawarma is Low-Carb and Keto-Friendly!

Chicken Shawarma is Low-Carb and Keto-Friendly!

If you can pass on the pita portion (and the rice, of course), you can have chicken shawarma while eating low carb on the keto plan.

I buy a shawarma wrap and “unwrap” it. It’s a little disappointing at first when you discover how little of the carb-friendly portion remains after removing the extra large pita. It sometimes wraps quite a few times around the shawarma.

However, once you have your pile of chicken and veggies, with garlic sauce, of course, you can eat it without or you can add your own pita bread.

Mmmmmmm…the flavors of shawarma can’t be beat.

Note: You can also buy a shawarma dinner without the rice, but the dinner usually costs more than a sandwich. My husband and I also sometimes order a side of hummus and eat it with a fork. (In limited proportions, since it can be carby.)

Okay, so this post is not a recipe. Check back soon, because I love this so much, I’ll be making it at home.


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  1. Dennis

    Hi there,

    Thanks so very much for an informative website filled with many ideas and options. I look forward to trying and incorporating many of these suggestions.

    I was wondering, the recipe for the cheesy garlic biscuits seems to be missing. Is this intentional?

  2. Dennis

    Thanks for posting it!

    PS, I really like the fact that your suggestions are, in many ways, more practical than some suggestions on other sites (for example: sugar-free Jello). Since I’m single and live alone, the suggestions I see on other sites are sometimes too much food, too much prep time to eat alone, etc.

  3. Lyndsay

    I love Shawarma too! I just get the salad with ice berg, pickled turnips and pickles, really low onion and extra garlic sauce! by far the best way to eat out keto for me if I want a treat!

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